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That is a real mistake. Even then, the man is generally the primary breadwinner and the woman takes care of the majority of the housework. DO let her suggest the best place to eat locally, and let her choose something for you to eat. In the west both men and women work and both maintain the household.

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If you already own a business a Vietnamese wife is your perfect business partner - they work hard, and expect the same from others. Simple things like holding a door open, or pulling her chair out at the restaurant, show her that you also appreciate traditional values. For a single guy really looking for a Vietnamese wife, or girlfriend, it means that when you get one-on-one time with a Viet girl it really does count for something.

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Asian Brides Gifts Page From

So as much as she values you as her boyfriend or husband, she will be fiercely protective of your children, but your parents can even benefit here too. They grew up helping to perform most duties around the house, and to help raising the children. Just remember that home and family is very important to most Vietnamese girls and you should remember that you are going to be involved with her entire family if you get serious into Vietnamese dating. The vast majority of single, Western men have a tendency to head straight to Thailand or the Philippines to find their future wife or girlfriend, without giving Vietnamese singles a second thought.

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