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The ultimate Indian wedding planning resource just for Indian brides! We bring you the best wedding vendors experienced to help you plan your dream indian wedding. The invitation provided the first hint that the wedding of Lisa Ling, 34, and Paul Song, 42, would be like no other. "If you're cool," it read, "you'll dress Asian chic.".

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All I can say is that Rahul and I were all smiles through the absolutely perfect ceremony, a pink lovers dream come true! Nargis - rich golds were the theme for this Indian wedding cake.


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We had an absolutely stunning reception at the Vie with ample food, music, dance, and lots of alcohol! Elvis - married in Las Vegas, the couple who ordered this cake wanted their hero and their wedding trip brought to life in a cake for their post-wedding party back home. If you have something particular in mind, or want advice on how to incorporate your themes into a spectacular cake, we can create the perfect wedding cake just for you. This cake proves anything goes these days!

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