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To start, the couple must not get married in a year of the animal with which theirs conflict. As many cultures agree, the Romans believed May to be an unfavorable and even illegal month to marry because it was during this month that the festival of Bona Dea, the goddess of charity, took place. From that point, the couple may eliminate further dates with the 12 Day Officers method. May 3rd is a particularly unlucky date for a wedding.

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Common Inauspicious Dates[ edit ] The month of May is considered the most inauspicious month in which to get married. According to an old poem, the unlucky days of the week to have a wedding are: A number of cultures, including the Chinese and Hindu cultures, favor particular auspicious dates for weddings. Some couples eliminate months that will clash with their Zodiac animals. However, there are seven days of hesoum - February 24 to March 4 - during which there is a ban on marriage.

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