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Watch video · Cast and crew list, reviews, plot summary, quotes, trivia, goofs, and other information/10(K). I've collected what I believe to be the best quotes ever from The Princess Bride. Most of these quotes appeared in the movie, but a few are book-only.

7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the Princess Bride
Westley followed at a pace that alarmed Vizzini, and gained on the foursome seemingly without difficulty, while Fezzik struggled with the load of his passengers. It was totally new and satisfying and it came as such a contrast to the world I had been doing in the films that I wanted to be a novelist again. They drink, and the man in black reveals that both cups were poisoned, but he had cultivated an immunity to iocaine powder. These were morality tales with an unapologetic frivolity about their mythology or setting. The two begin their fight, both masters of swordplay. Westley then drew his sword, ready to fight, but Inigo, being fair, allows Westley to rest before the fight.

The 40 Best Quotes From The Princess Bride

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Does The Princess Bride

In lieu of excessive Orc decapitation and decadent CGI wizard battles, an adolescent mania for the somber has hidden the emotional reason we love these kind of stories: Over the course of four years, Westley learned how to fence, fight, and sail. The 30th Anniversary Edition has a footnote at this point saying that one can now find the three pages of the reunion scene online. Chapter Seven plots Inigo and Fezzik inside the false entrance to the Zoo of Death, where they must pass many ghastly creatures before descending to the fifth level and finding Westley. In reality, Goldman has two daughters, and his wife is not a psychiatrist.

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