Foreign Brides In Taiwan Study

photo: Foreign Brides In Taiwan Study

Find the latest news from the Queensland University of Technology. Foreign brides are also often stigmatized for being seen as a contributing source to the growing HIV/AIDS presence in Taiwan. Taiwanese society often treats migrant brides as a threat to public health and a large burden to the nation, despite the fact that the highest point of infection among foreign brides peaked in with % of incoming brides .

Vietnamese in Taiwan fear an anti-Vietnam backlash may soon ensue
We do hope that "multicultural education" is not just a slogan, but really roots in the minds of all Taiwanese. Due to the above phenomenon in Taiwan, the researchers conducted a qualitative research for the following purposes: Second, the government needs to help the brides to learn mandarin and Taiwanese culture well to get used to Taiwanese life soon. Sixth, the foreign brides can participate language and culture learning groups and parental education courses in school and the community to learn Taiwanese life and education of children.

Raw deal for foreign brides in Taiwan: study

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Foreign Brides In Taiwan Study

The Educator Monthly, August, In , there are , new born babies. The researchers also encourage the whole society to accept the foreign brides as being the family members of Taiwan although their language and culture is different from ours. So called "earth village" or "international village" means that people, no matter whose races, age, gender, social economic status, religion, share the same right and duty in the world.

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