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Tell Black Veil Brides you want a show in your city! Click on "Demand a Show" and get your city in the top Black Veil Brides lyrics at Lyrics On Demand Black Veil Brides are an American rock band based in Hollywood, California.

Black Veil Brides - My Vow (Audio)
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Veil Brides Demand It Widget

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  1. I guess this is where I sop it up with " I'm looking for my true love!!" HAHAHA!! NOT!! I am looking for that person who wants to have fun and live life! Someone that does'nt care who looks like.

    Hi..So after 2 days here I want to be very clear. Im 44 ..not going to have more kids at this point. If you want me to cam um No. If. I think we're a good fit, maybe .I'm picky. Not desperate..

    My name is Rasheeda Johnson I'm 25 years old I graduated from high school and I have my ged and I'm thick and sexy and I wear glasses and a little bit of make up and I have a learning disability and.

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