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Perfect Bride. By- An Unknown Foreign Beauty. Chapter 3- Duties Of A Wife. How could she be a perfect bride, a perfect wife to her husband? Was it just about. His Perfect Bride has ratings and 34 reviews. Emmly said: Great story by a wonderful new author. With the typical male ego, Richard believes he can /5(34).

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Stretching out on his side, he brushed a light kiss against her ear, and gently pushed aside the sheet. Not when she was the woman he married only a few hours ago. She could do this too. In a voice like rough velvet, filled with admiration and gentleness, he whispered, "Open your eyes, Mulan. A part of him wanted to tell her about his dreams, the whirlwind romance he wanted when he was a teenager. He discarded the idea, and walked near her.

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Shang wanted finish the act as swiftly as she did. Fastening a bright, inquisitive smile upon her face, she returned her gaze to the sword in her hand, and seized on a subject sure to interest him. Now I have a question.

Mulan tried to return his kiss with equal passion as she did not wanted to disappoint her husband with her naivety anymore. I am very much happy with your responses. Her knees quaking violently, Mulan returned the sword to its original place and walked over to him, trying to tell her outraged conscience that the act she was about to commit was a part of her wifely duties, a part of saving her family honor. Any woman would be proud to have this man as her husband.

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