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Imagining the perfect fairytale wedding is vastly different from planning it, as Humble Bridezilla Mia McDonald found out. Her hectic and disorganized journey to the. Turn On. Tune In. Listen Local. The Bridge is listener supported music radio in Kansas City, FM.

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But Welt must have really pissed off the studio or his fiancee with the complaint because, ultimately, the TV marriage wound up being cancelled on the spot. What do you know? The network also forced contestants to pay their own way to New York, and used inexpensive cardboard props - nobody could tell the difference on TV back then. Also thrown into the deal was an all-expense paid honeymoon, and the chance to drive a new car to the airport along the way.

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The Bride For Local Tv Once he arrived on set, however, a studio hand broke it to the couple that their honeymoon destination would be Princeton, N.
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Liked Svetlana4luv Russian Bikini Bride The news item says "Welt became indignant" upon hearing this understandably so , and started an argument with studio staff. Welt and his would-be wife were going to glorious Geek City U. Always on the lookout for new writing and editing gigs, he can be reached at zhoule magma.

You can actually hear a snippet of that show if you go here. Welt was apparently in a good mood: Unlike reality TV shows of today, the couple getting married actually knew each other for some time before tying the knot. Sigmund Welt whose non-relation to Sigmund Freud will soon become apparent.

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