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How to make a bridal bouquet with fresh flowers from the garden or market. Making an elegant wedding bouquet is easier than you may think. Here are the simple steps. Make your bouquet out of materials that will last for the ages. Bouquets with silk, paper and fabric flowers allow brides to cherish their wedding flowers for many years after the ceremony. Brooch bouquets, which have become popular, are made up of vintage pieces of jewelry and silk flowers.

How to Make a Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet with Roses and Dendrobium Orchids
A small bouquet may only use one ring of primary flowers around the center, especially if the blooms are large and fluffy. Choose durable flowers for all the boutonnieres; they should look good through all the hugging that can be expected during the wedding reception. Position the blossoms in an even layer, crossing the stems. This is probably the most difficult bouquet to make, as it can easily become lopsided or overwhelm the rest of the decor. Use only two hydrangea blooms as the base. Strive for balance, but not symmetry.

Simple DIY Bridal Bouquet Tutorial

1240 Your Privacy Bride Of The Fiskars PowerGear R 2 pruner effortlessly cuts through woody stems while the MicroTip R snips are great for quick cuts on smaller stems.
You Brides Bouquet For Making Tie the end of the ribbon in a knot or a bow. Slice the stems to the same length using clean stem cutters or gardening shears.
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Traditional Bouquets

You Brides Bouquet For Making

Remove these with a stem stripper or floral shears, or pluck by hand if the stem has no thorns. Transport the bouquet in water whenever possible. You will need strippers, scissors, raffia palm or rubber bands, clippers, and white ribbon. For the groom, put three flowers, a sprig of rosemary, and a little spray of light and airy filler flowers together in a cluster.

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