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Customize a tee or tank for your wedding. You can make it say anything you want. Use multiple text styles and clip art. The bride-to-be opens up about her wedding style, fiancé Future, motherhood and more in our August/September issue!

Bride Dance & Lip Dub
After choosing a cut glass necklace, the peddler takes all of his money. Remembering that his creation is scared of fire, he sets his clothes aflame, but Viktor soon puts the flames out. After their encounter, Viktor sees a peddler and decides to buy Eva jewelry to win her affection as he saw a wealthy man do when he and Rinaldo arrived in Budapest. At the same time, in her bed, Eva inexplicably cries. The Baron chases Viktor to the place of his birth and they fight all over the burned out tower. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

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In self-defense, Viktor throws him and he is impaled when he lands. When he looks in the window, he sees the real jewels the Baron has given her and throws the necklace in the river in disgust. The Baron states that he is glad the monster is dead because giving her to him would have been a waste. He mentions Eva to his friend Clerval, lying that she was a medical case referred to him when she lost her memory after being struck by lightning.

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