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Watch video · Showing that the country has a sense of humour, Despite being a celebration of everything Russian, Terrifying moment bride . I am very cheerful, with a sense of humor, responsible, communicative lady, who tries to reach the goals she puts in front of herself. And I am optimistic in any.

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Russian people believe that the more you give — the more you get. You will hear them whenever you go to a party or just are outside within the company of Russians. Vovochka knocks to the window. Russian cuisine has always been the integral part of Russian life. The plot of the anecdotes makes Stirlitz interacting with Nazi officials Walther Schellenberg, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Martin Bormann, Heinrich Muller as well as with fictional female radio operator Kat, Pastor Schlagg, Professor Pleischner and other characters in the series.

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If you really want to experience all of this, you just need to accept an invitation to spend the evening within the company of natives having a party — usually at home but it also may be outside in a bar or night club. Russian humor may not be as "sophisticated" as French humor, but it really is quite good, open and intelligent and most importantly, Russians are ready to laugh at themselves. The plot is resolved in grotesque plays on words or in dumb parodies of overly-smart narrow escapes and superlogical trains of thought of the "original" Stirlitz. Do you habe questions?

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