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For video examples of these behaviours, click here. Other zoos, exotic animal dealers, ranches, circuses, pet shops, research centres, and the exotic meat industry. Victim Blaming is NOT the Answer The solution to hunting and poaching is not to displace the animals, but the hunters and poachers.

Canada Brides

Definitely not the tiny enclosures with painted backgrounds in zoos all over the world. Animals in captivity exhibit unnatural behaviours such as apathy, aggression, and stalled maturation prolonged infantile behaviour. If you think for one moment that these animals prefer to live in a cage over their vast natural habitat, you are sorely mistaken. They also carry out a wide spectrum of stress behaviours, ranging from pacing to self-mutilation and beyond.

Perhaps they would be better off in their natural habitat? I think the answer is pretty clear. Well, there you have it, ten of the most poignant problems with zoos. Definitely not the tiny enclosures with painted backgrounds in zoos all over the world.

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