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How I met my Thai wife and our plans
Women must act fast if they want to get married and to ensure that they have a husband, one can only hope he will be a good man. There were even talks about changing the family legislation so that it would allow men to have multiply wives so that there would be competition among men too. Too good to be true?

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Continue To Label Thai Bride The mail order bride service is interpreted by most people as a service that "sells women", a service that is neither respectable nor trustworthy. It could only be a dream.
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For Foreign Bride Avoid Broken This is the way an unmarried Russian woman feels, because for her having a complete family is the necessary condition of success.

This was my first interview with the Media, and I was pretty naive at the time. This was exactly my feeling from all those photos and letters. This is the concept that is extensively exploited by scammers, you have probably heard about them if not, read about this phenomenon here. In Russia, women outnumber men there are 10 million more women than men, according to the latest census, or 88 males for females - statistics according to The Economist, "World in Figures, Edition" , and in most situations it is a question of luck if a woman manages to find herself a man or not. Not all marriages are the same!

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  1. I am a happy person who is looking for a man who is able to be himself and have a great personalit.

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