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Bride definition: A bride is a woman who is getting married or who has just got married. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Old English bryd "bride, betrothed or newly married woman," from Proto-Germanic *bruthiz "woman being married" (cf. Old Frisian breid, Dutch bruid, Old High German brut, German Braut "bride.

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The Assyrians, paralyzed by the loss of their leader, easily fell a prey to the armies of Israel. She was not the slave or menial of her husband. Among the Hebrews, woman administered the affairs of the home with a liberty and leadership unknown to other oriental peoples. Her outdoor occupations were congenial, healthful, extensive.

bride (n.)

Women, as well as men, took upon themselves the self-renouncing vow of the Nazirite Numbers 6: Even those who were ostracized by society were recognized by him, on the basis of immortal values, and restored to a womanhood of virtue and Christian devotion Luke 7: They, including the mother of Jesus, were among the who continued in prayer in the upper room and received the Pentecostal enduement Acts 1:

Under pagan culture and heathen darkness woman was universally subject to inferior and degrading conditions. In that act she forfeited the respect and confidence which entitled her to equality of influence in family affairs. That she everywhere participated freely in the religious rites and customs of her people is evident from the fact that women were often priestesses, and were often deified.

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