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The flip side of the nun in charge of the orphanage is the monk who makes lavender soap and obsesses on what new flavors he can infuse. Telling a woman to save sex for marriage is the same as telling her not to get a tattoo. The belief that they may actually be the marriage minded, feminine women, that these countries tend to produce in droves, rarely enters the equation, they are just labelled mercenaries who will be out the door the minute they get the chance. Basil and others called themselves virgins to make a theological point about ascetic identity, not to define the broad culture or make a statement about biology. A man who marries a traditional woman who stays at home to manage the household is now regarded seen as a slaver. I also believe that the foreign passport hunting, gold digging whore is one of the biggest myths out there. True, it can be hard to purchase modest clothing today, but that is because it does not sell well anymore, which again is the fault of women, the buyers of such clothing.


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  • Both have the same distorted view of the sexual economy, both are this way because of the lies of modern secularism, and both are absolutely miserable and lonely..
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Yes, some men will still commit to a woman with a lot of experience, but they never prefer it. Not only is the fornicated woman less able to bond with her future husband emotionally, but her lady parts are also further changed with each sexual encounter, being stretched out so that there is not the same kind of intimate contact she would have if she had only been with one man ever. Housewives are now slaves.

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  1. I'm ready to settle down. The next woman I get into a relationship with is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I don't like the idea of getting married, not because I'm afraid of.

    A Native Oregonian, born and raised here in the Southern part of the state, I am by definition a true lady. Given that, my character is best described as loyal, honest, dependable.

    I have been divorced for around 10 years and would like the closeness of having one person in my.

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