Of War Bride Mary Fletcher

photo: Of War Bride Mary Fletcher

The American War Bride Experience: The heading of the article is " British War Brides Arrive on Queen Mary. Connie Fletcher, Jr. > Mores Hill. List and informatioin of Newfouland War Brides. Newfoundland & Labrador This piece shows the family of Mary Fletcher and George The war bride starts to.

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On the top of the desk, I collaged pictures of the ships they had traveled on to Newfoundland and Labrador. I recycled a desk I had used in another project. Lost and Found When working with the photos of the war brides, I realized how many stories had been lost. The first layer is white to show the happiness of being in love and a young bride following her husband half way around the world. The Piano The display room in the museum had this large and very heavy piano that would cost a lot to move. The desk took on the look of a trunk.

Newfoundland War Brides

Is that not what life is? If we had a computer, we needed a desk. In my work one thing leads to another. On the top of the desk, I collaged pictures of the ships they had traveled on to Newfoundland and Labrador.

War Brides

Of War Bride Mary Fletcher

My husband was very understanding when he saw that a rung of our fence was missing. The Desk As part of the show a computer is used to enable people to see and access the Newfoundland and Labrador War Bride Site that my husband and I have been working on for the last two years. There is one paper doll for each of their daughters and their spouses, their one son, their grand-daughters and grand-sons and their spouses and the great grand-children up until I cut the pieces from the wood remaining from "The Wharf" piece.

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