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The War Brides Act defined war brides as “alien spouses of American soldiers who served during the war.” America had to accept war brides brought home by GIs “as a consequence” of US foreign military engagement abroad. Of the estimated , foreign war brides, 51, were Filipinos. The Philippines and Japan, which added 66, to the total, were the biggest sources of Asian war brides. In Europe, most war brides . Servicemen almost universally ignored the non-fraternization policy, War brides who could not enter the country book War Brides of World War II.

The second protest is against granting licenses to GIs to marry German girls and allowing them to bring their wives to this country. In the s, many Canadians lived in rural areas where most homes had no electricity, and even fewer had indoor plumbing. Clean, with lovely teeth If British women saw American soldiers as a breath of fresh air, the liberated people of continental Europe saw them as nothing short of heroes. Those Canadian servicemen wanting to marry overseas faced difficulties. One boy told me he had been engaged to a girl for years and she had gone to Germany before the war to visit members of her family. Here are a few taken from our website. It was a tradition among brides at that time to carry silver horseshoes, made from paper, for luck.

Canadian War Brides

She, too, was treated kindly by everyone she met. Library and Archives Canada PA Since some Canadian servicemen had lived in Britain from to or , their young families had all but forgotten that, in time, they would be leaving. Then the war broke out, preventing her return to this country.

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Policy On War Bride

War brides were transported on huge troop ships especially outfitted for their use, and converted luxury liners. Some war-bride accounts survive, though, scattered among books written about Filipino-Americans. She was happy to see me with him. The US military actively discouraged servicemen from marrying, believing family responsibilities would be a distraction.

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